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                                                             See the World through the eyes of a Photographer who has Chronic Lyme Disease...

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The Suffering Goes On 12 Months A Year...

There are people fighting an invisible illness every day, all over this world, called Chronic Lyme Disease. They experience more pain than you can even imagine.  They lose everything they own due to this heinous disease: their jobs, all their money, relationships and even the ability to walk. No one is helping them and society doesn't even know they are suffering in silence. It is time for average, healthy citizens to take notice of this disease and step up to help these people who cannot fight for themselves. Please read on and take up our cause in some way.

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The St. John's River

Jacksonville, Florida

Unique in that it flows UPSTREAM from the Atlantic Ocean, the St. John's River is the life's blood of Jacksonville, Florida. The city revolves around events that take place in and around the river and over the eight years that I had the honor to live on her banks, she showed her many faces. Here are just some of the few that I caught...

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