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Frustration with Facebook...

This is what I feel like lately trying to open a FB page for the Lyme Lens blog page. I am beyond frustrated right now. GIF courtesy of GIPHY. Ag.


So, I have been trying desperately to open a Facebook page so that my blog pages will go directly to FB whenever I post them. Originally the page got posted to my personal page which is exactly what I DIDN'T want. The problem took off like gang busters!!! The other problem is, that I used to have a site called Lyme Lens on FB before I didn't realize that it was illegal to have two sites so I left it alone and never touched it again. Now when I went to open my new site, I had to take the name LymeLens with no space in the middle which was not my first choice.

After a while, I found out that I could merge the two pages together which would solve the name problem but I also found out that it would erase all the content on the gang busters page!!! I just couldn't win. Not to mention, it looked like the gang busters page had an account number but the page with the good name did not which means that one was published and seen by the public and the other one wasn't but I could not seem to get the good one to come up on the screen on its own page, it was coming up in the body of my private personal page!!! I was so frustrated.

So tonight, I decided to say F'it and start all over again. I opened an entirely new page willing to lose everything that I have built so far and start all over again. I have written FB FOUR emails so far and no one has had the courtesy to write back to me yet regarding these problems. I imagine that when they see that I have three pages open with the same name right now that someone will catch up to me sooner or later but until then I am slogging through this nightmare on my own.

If you happen to go on to FB....Please go to the site that is titled Lyme Lens (LymeLens) to like the page and follow it. It is the site with the space between the words and I put the non-space in parentheses right next to it. The background photo is the cloud picture and the small square is the yellow with the green circle and my name inside it. THAT is the final page. I will be building on that page from now on and eventually erasing the two others. The address is... if you needed the direct address and it easily connects to a messenger account. If it does not connect to messenger, then you are on the wrong account.

Sorry for all the confusion. Basically, just go to the blog directly for now until I can get this squared away ok? Thanks for your patience. Who knew that a hacker could mess up such a well oiled machine that I had going for 6 years or more. Sigh. I hope you are having a better time than me. Off to the doctor's now. More about the deterioration of my health in a later post.

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