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Tennis Anyone?...

Cellulitis Elbow. Courtesy of CanStock Photo Supply. Ag.


Just when things were starting to take off with the blog and the website, something HAD to happen to slow my momentum. Well, there it is in all its glory....I have an inflammed elbow. It has been pretty hot for about a month now because when I type in bed I lie on my stomach and prop myself up on my elbows to type on my removable keyboard from my tablet. All the pressure from being on my elbows for up to 12 hours a day typing for the blog, guest blogs, keeping up with two Facebook pages and answering up to 50 or more emails a day with individual notes written back to each one has taken its toll and the doctor told me yesterday that I have been very lucky that there is no build up of fluid in the joint YET.

If there had been fluid in the joint, it would have put me at great risk for something called osteomyelitis which is inflammation and infection of the bone due to bacteria. I was greatly concerned because as time went on, even if I tried to stay off it, the progression of redness and pain was indicating to me that something needed to be done. So when the doctor said that the x-rays showed a clean joint with no fluid in it and good joint space with no sign of arthritis or inflammation I jumped for joy. I was fearing a direct admission to the hospital for IV antibiotics to tell you the truth.

Instead, his recommendation is to stay off it for two months. TWO MONTHS??? I thought to myself. How am I going to get all this writing done with a bumm elbow if I can't pump out the work like I usually do? Well, that is my project for figure out a system of elbow protection and some sort of lap tray to make it possible for me to type in a position that is comfortable for me but still takes the pressure off my elbow. Now that I am back, I can't have you guys waiting weeks and weeks again for entries to the blog. That wouldn't be fair.

So, I promise to do my best to stay writing as much as possible while I let this elbow heal but if there is any sign that my typing is making this elbow worse, I am going to have to put my health first and lay off the writing until it heals properly. I cannot afford a bone infection because that can quickly invade your bone marrow and turn into a blood infection called sepsis, which can easily kill someone who is immunosuppressed (bad immune system) like me.

Obviously, should I see things headed in that direction, I will let you know that I have to take a little time off. Until then you can expect me as usual. By the way....I haven't forgotten about getting the News Section of the blog fixed at the bottom of this page. I am just having some trouble with the RSS Feed on this page. It will be up eventually and when it will LOVE IT!!

Another piece of housekeeping is that there is a feature that I haven't figured out how to shut off yet but if you are reading blog posts and you get down to the bar where it says something like "Log in to see more posts" and you don't want to log in, just look to the right and you will see in small print "See All". Just click on those words and all of the posts will come up without you having to sign in. I just have to figure out how to get that bar out of there. Hope that makes your reading more enjoyable. Now I am off to find some elbow protection on Amazon.

Sore elbows aren't just for tennis anymore...Ha!

Courtesy of CanStock Photo Supply. Ag.

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