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Bloomin' idiot...

Just because I always write about chronic illness and how to cope with it doesn’t mean that is the only thing that I care about. This blog was also meant to showcase some of my photography. I mentioned when I started this site that all of the pictures you will find here have been taken solely by me and they always will be. I have never lifted photos off the internet nor have I used photos from anyone else (unless I am in the photo, of course, at which point it was still taken by my camera). This post tonight will simply be a collection of “bloomin” photos for your enjoyment. I hope you like them!

Next time I will pick another topic and send you some more photos… I can show you beach scenes, the river view, tropical storms/hurricanes and their aftermath, ballroom dancing, my illness (of course), the zoo, downtown, boats, sunsets, Christmas in the south, rainbows, lightning, Grady the dog, Bosco the cat…so many options!! I will check out my files and see what else might interest you. If you have any suggestions feel free to write me a comment and I will put together another photo blog post. I hope you enjoyed it!

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