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Media Blitz in Delaware...

Hello fellow bloggers. Just caught this quick video as I was reading my random piles and piles of endless media that crosses my bed-desk every night and I came across this awesome news report that was played in Delaware tonight. I watched in rapture as the culmination of all our dreams are finally coming to fruition….. People are starting to talk about the “possibility” that CHRONIC LYME MIGHT ACTUALLY EXIST!!!!!!!! I was just so excited that I had to send you the link so you can check it out yourself. Just click on the reporter’s face and the video will start playing. It is in multiple parts so even when she stops, just give it a minute and she will come back on to continue ok? Enjoy! We may be gaining some ground here people…..

PS. If you can’t click on the link to make it pop up on your screen, just copy and paste it to your browser search box at the top of your computer screen, then hit enter. You can also get to them through Twitter by searching #47TTBC. Good luck tracking it down, it is well worth the effort!

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