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Updated: Jan 8, 2019

So, I decided to go on vacation for the summer… Mama and I went up to New England and left old Auntie Anne behind in Florida to deal with the heat. Mama wanted to show me around where she used to live. She said the water in the ocean is freezing cold in the summer so I asked her, “Why do people wanna swim then??” She said, “When the cramps start to go away then you can stay in for a long time and it feels real nice!” Kinda strange people these northerners but I’m gonna treat them all really nice anyways, like I always do, and maybe they will have some treats for me! Mama is gonna have me try some “lob-stah” but I’m not so sure I’m gonna like that either, but I eat everything, so I am willing to give it a try….. I’ve got my shades on and I’m ready to go so Kennebunk, Maine here I come!

“Are we there yet?” Mama didn’t tell me it was gonna take THREE WHOLE DAYS in the car to get where we are goin? I gotta admit that hotel we stayed in the first night was pretty swanky but we were so tired when we got there that we just washed off the road dust as Mama says and we hit the hay. I’m not gonna even bring up the yucky place we stayed the second night. Mama was la’llergic to the sheets, pillows, comforter and all the soap they washed them in so she had to take everything off the bed at midnight (we got there so late,) put her two beach towels from home on the bed (one to lie on and one for a pillow,) and sleep with just her jammies and bathrobe on. She was so cold all night. I offered her my woobie from my bed but she said that she was ok and I should have my blankie so I wouldn’t be afraid. I have such a nice Mama. Thank goodness we weren’t there for very long.

We stopped at some good places for chow along the way and people were really nice to me. Every one wanted to take my picture where ever we went! Mama said I had to stop after two cups of coffee cause we were making too many pit stops for nature ‘a calling. Can I help it? Small dog = small bladder. Nature needs to leave a message.

Mama saw her old friend at the beauty parlor today and I think they got a little creative with my hair-do this time…. If you thought my sunglasses used to get people’s attention, you should see it now, red sunglasses and a pink powder puff tail???? I will never live this down. I just hope it washes out before I get home. If I go in the wrong part of town they might use my tail for target practice just for fun!

Stopped by to see some old friends…. Mama said we had to stop here for Auntie Anne to make sure everything looked ok. She said that Auntie would want to come here if she would ever make it up north again so we came for a visit. Everything looked in good order here so we sent Auntie a text picture to show her and she said that made her smile. We said “we miss you Daddy GGG”, Woof Woof was my contribution.

I really like this place they call New England. It has nice people, lots of history, pretty houses on the ocean, great lob-stah and a lot of Mama’s super nice old friends. If only it wasn’t so far away from Florida… I think Mama wishes that we could come back and live here someday. Part of Auntie Anne wishes that we could too. I think we all know that it will never be the same ever again though. For now, this was a nice visit and if I ever forgot someone’s name…all I had to do was woof out “Dan” and someone would come running!

Now it’s time to go home and give Auntie Anne all of those bedtime kisses she has been missing so much every night!!! She keeps telling Mama how much she misses me but I know that within a few days she is gonna be saying, “MOM….come and get your dog off me….she won’t stop licking me!!” You gotta understand, it’s a poodle thing…..grin. It’s genetic, look it up! I’m serious, we’re lickers! Look out Auntie Anne, your kisses are on their way!

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