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Packing again...

The decision has been made and the boxes have come out once again. For the ninth time in eight years, I am packing up my belongings to move to a new apartment. I should be used to this by now but when you are sick with a chronic illness that exhausts you when simply taking a shower, moving seems like a monumental task. This time around, I will be getting rid of most of my large furniture not only because it is just too taxing to move it but also because it is just getting old now. So, it is time to do a little shopping for a new loveseat and a more comfortable mattress. The photo above was taken a few years ago when my mother was looking to outfit her living room but this “boutique” was a little out of our price range! Needless to say, it will be Rooms to Go for this girl.

I am one of the few women on this planet who HATES to shop. I have always been that way. I cannot remember the last time that I was in a Mall. I suffer palpitations and post traumatic stress just thinking about walking into one of those buildings. Between the screaming children, the muzak echoing through the high ceilings, the people zig-zagging in front of you as you are walking, the salespeople spritzing you with heinous cologne as you walk past the stores and the lack of restrooms when you desperately need them…they are recipes for disaster. There is never a place to sit when your feet are killing you, the store you are looking for is always at the opposite side of the building from where you parked the car and it is humanly impossible to carry your parcels throughout the entire building while you do your shopping. I still don’t understand why they don’t provide you with shopping carts? But, I digress.

Back to the topic of moving. So, after searching the internet for weeks and traveling all over the city looking for a place, we finally decided to stay right where we are but in a smaller apartment and not on the river. We just couldn’t find a place that had everything that we needed. I realize that we are a complicated pair. We can’t climb stairs so we needed either a first floor, something with an elevator and a condo/townhouse with two levels wasn’t an option. We have an elderly, sick dog so it had to be pet friendly. We needed a pool and fitness center for rehabilitation purposes. We wanted it in a safe neighborhood – DUH – who wouldn’t? We preferred a split bedroom floorplan because we sleep at different times of the day. We like QUIET so a smaller complex with less traffic, fewer children and in a less congested part of town would be our preference. Hey, I am just being honest here. It IS my wishlist afterall. So, you can see why we were having a difficult time.

We did find one other place that was pretty good. It was so good that I even put down a deposit on it and we were waiting for our chosen floorplan to open up in a specific building. You see, our current place requires a 60 day notice to vacate and most of these other places don’t, so they didn’t know yet if they were going to have our dream apartment available in December. We were stuck playing a waiting game. A very expensive waiting game if it didn’t fall in our favor. So, when our current complex made us an offer of a two bedroom apartment on the courtyard for a pretty decent price, it was an “offer we couldn’t refuse.” It has everything that we need. Split floorplan, cheaper rent, already renovated with all the bells and whistles, facing the quiet courtyard, not far from the elevator, good for the dog, still have our pool and fitness, keep our covered parking garage and the same great neighborhood. Throw in a storage space here at the complex and we are set!

The only caveat…we have to move NOW. As in, you have two weeks to get your crap together and do the transfer. Come November 1st, I will be paying for both places until I can get all of my stuff out of the old place. Holy carrumbas Batman. We were expecting to have six weeks to slowly pack our stuff, clean out the junk, get organized and only take the bare minimums. Nope, now we are in the mad dash to get it done. Chronic Lyme Disease patients don’t like to rush. Our bodies don’t like that. It hurts. We need sleep. We need time. We need S-L-O-W. We need help. We can’t pick up heavy things. I am hurting just thinking about the next two weeks.

So, in my infinite wisdom, I have decided that everything must GO. I will just have to call 1-800-GOT-JUNK? and let them come get my ratty old loveseat, my ancient mattress that I keep making excuses for and all kinds of other stuff that I never seem to get rid of so I can make this move with as little discomfort as possible. Then I will give Rooms to Go a jingle and they will bring me a new loveseat and mattress where I can plop my aching body down to recover from this transition. The nice thing about them is that even though their stuff is not top of the line furniture, it will not break my wallet, they don’t ask you to pay for it until two years later with no interest accumulating during that time and it will give me a chance to catch my breath financially. Heck, I have just spent three years lying on my current Rooms to Go loveseat every day while I have been bedridden with Chronic Lyme Disease and it has been worth every penny! I have had it for eight years so I can honestly say that their products stand the test of time.

There is the update on the moving process. I also went to Melbourne Beach two days ago to see the wonderful Chiropractor that does the applied kinesiology on me. He didn’t do the snap, crackle, pop thing to my back this time (see the previous post with the same title) and all of my magnetic testing came back wonderful! It was great news. I was only given one new supplement so things are moving along nicely. I was instructed to start light exercises in the pool which should be really fun now that the temperatures outside are getting cooler (Yikes). I guess that I will be shopping for a wetsuit fairly soon. Ahhhh, maybe a trip to the Mall is actually in the near future. Dang it.

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