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Prayers for our pooch...

Our beloved baby has taken a turn for the worst in the past 24 hours and we hope that it is only a temporary setback. He has many medical issues and is on quite a bit of medication to control his numerous conditions. Yesterday afternoon, he suddenly had a change in his demeanor and has become very quiet. He is normally a very energetic dog who follows Mom around wherever she goes and wags his tail constantly. He is very cheerful and is not in any pain. That all changed yesterday afternoon and it is just a waiting game to see if he perks up again after a night of rest.

For unknown reasons, he has been very quiet, his tail is hanging down and he is just lying around the house. He is sleeping a lot and has no energy. He finally ate a little dinner last night and Mom is sleeping next to him in the living room tonight. We didn’t think it required a trip to the emergency animal hospital but if he is not better in the morning, he may need to be brought in. He is almost 12 years old now and has a long and complicated history. He had open heart surgery as a baby, a seizure disorder, a knee surgery many years ago, a new heart murmur due to a valve problem now and new onset dementia. As I mentioned, he is not in any pain so far according to the vet and as soon as he is suffering, we will assist him to the Rainbow Bridge.

For now, we just need prayers for our beloved furbaby in the hopes that after a good night’s sleep, he will wake up being the peppy little boy that he has always been and we will continue to have a few more years of love with our little man. He brings such joy to our household and to everyone he meets. His life has had its challenges but he has been surrounded by love and all the blessings that we could possibly give to him. No matter how difficult it has been to take care of our “special needs” dog, we have loved him with all of our hearts and it will be a very sad day for us when it is his time to go.

So, please keep Grady in your thoughts and prayers today. We are hoping for a miracle to pull him through this tough time. Our lives will not be the same without him. Thank you for thinking of us.

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