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Rough ride...

~This quote was posted by someone on Facebook and I fell in love with it. This perfectly reflects how I feel about the journey through Chronic Lyme Disease.

I just looked at my blog for the first time in many weeks and I couldn’t believe that I had only written one entry in the entire month of March. What a slacker. Then again, it has been a rough ride lately. As you know, I had a relapse of my more serious symptoms of Lyme and I was back in bed 24 hours a day. It was all I could do to eat something and take my pills every day so I didn’t feel much like writing. My apologies for leaving you all hanging like that.

Look at it this way, my silence gave you more time to catch up on current events like following the search for the missing airplane, the blade runner’s trial, the beginning of baseball season (go Red Sox!), Russia quietly taking over the Ukraine, William and Kate taking George to New Zealand and watching a shoe being thrown at Hillary Clinton’s head during a speech. If you weren’t glued to the television or internet like I was then maybe you had a chance to do that spring cleaning you keep talking about while you weren’t reading my blog. Those windows can take forever!

Either way, here is a short note to tell you that I have survived my most recent battle in the ring with Lyme Disease and I am on the mend. I went to Melbourne Beach again to see the doctor and he put me on some new stuff which is helping. I was positive for candida plus all the other nasty stuff (as usual) so the war rages on. It is a simple concept really… I did too much during our move in November and December so I am paying the price now.

As most Lymies will tell you, there is no telling how long it will take for me to get completely back on my feet. It is a day to day battle but I am feeling a little bit stronger and that’s all I can ask for when it comes to this disease. Now I need to put some more weight on and get back to how I felt last September. It’s amazing how something like moving will make a healthy person sore for a few days to maybe a week but for a Lyme sufferer it means months in bed. I guess my friends might understand if I politely refuse to help them move in the future eh?

So, it’s a new month and a new opportunity to write blog posts. I am already tied with last month so I am off to a good start. It can only go up from here! Hopefully this rough ride is over and I am headed for smoother waters…

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