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Snap, crackle, pop...

This was the beautiful view on the way to the doctor in Melbourne Beach two days ago. A storm was moving in but we had a few moments to jump out of the car and capture this picture before the rain started. I wish that we could have stayed longer. Even though I live only 30 minutes from the ocean, I cannot remember the last time that I smelled the sea air. It has likely been close to two years considering that I have been bedridden for most of this past year. I miss it terribly.

The Melbourne appointment was shorter this time and much more painful. He turned my back in positions that were extremely painful and I have found myself on the heating pad for the last two days. Today was a little scary because the pain in my neck was so severe that I could not turn my head for a good portion of the morning. It has lessened as the day has progressed but I can honestly say that I haven’t moved too much in two days. I can only hope that tomorrow is better.

I was taken off two of the supplements that he gave me last time and started on four others. He was pleasantly surprised at the progress that I have made in six weeks so that is saying something. It was a long day in the car (over three hours each way) but nothing with Chronic Lyme Disease comes easy. All I can do is to try and keep moving forward.

This is a quick note tonight simply due to the pain in my back from his snap, crackle and pop the other day. When I saw that it had been almost a full week since I had written to all of you I was stunned at how long I had kept you waiting!! I promise to be more diligent in my writing. Back to the heating pad for now…

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