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The body gave out...

Updated: Jan 9, 2019

Sleeping with kitty circa 2012.

After multiple days of packing and moving, my Chronic Lyme Disease finally caught up to me and shut my body down for a day. Yesterday I had great intentions of picking up the cargo van again and continuing on with the great push of moving more of the stuff we have packed in the apartment into our new place but my body had other ideas. I just couldn’t function anymore. The exhaustion and pain had taken over.

While getting dressed to leave the house, I had to tell Mom that I was too weak to safely drive the cargo van and we had to change our plans. That’s the way that things happen with this illness. You can try to push it as long as you want but eventually, your body tells you when it can go no longer. So she got on the phone and called some friends to see if they could come help us.

I rescheduled the van for two days from now, she found two friends who could come with a car and a truck and I was promptly sent to bed for the day. I felt so guilty that I couldn’t continue to help anymore but I was crying in pain and I knew that if I continued to force myself that it would only end up in a hospitalization for me. Last night another friend stopped by with his SUV and between all four of them, they accomplished so much. We have been blessed by the people in our lives who have stepped up to the plate to make this move possible for us.

The sleep that I got was so totally necessary for my health and I am grateful that my mother understands that when I reach the point of saying, “I just can’t do it anymore” that I have hit a very drastic point which she never questions. She immediately put other plans into motion and never makes me feel guilty that if I don’t sleep right away, it will have terrible consequences for me. She even said, “I am surprised that you lasted this long.”

When another dear friend heard that I had “hit the wall” as we call it, she immediately offered her services for Saturday (when I had rescheduled the van again) and I know that she will be here to help us once again. We are making great progress and the couple that came to help us while I was sleeping have been here almost every day this week. They said, “We are with you every step of the way and will be here until this is completely finished. We love you guys so very much and will help you get through this.” There are no words for friends like that.

Mom has decided that I need one more day in bed to be truly stronger, even though I want to try to help again tomorrow, so it looks like I will spend another day resting and sorting things out here at home while she makes some small trips with her car. She has been incredible during this move despite her arthritis and her other issues but I knew that she would rise to the occasion because she is one tough lady. That’s where I get my stubborn will to push on. Apparently, our two friends will also be coming to help tomorrow night as well, God bless them.

I hope to get enough rest tomorrow so that when I get the van the following day I will be back to being able to contribute some effort again despite my Chronic Lyme Disease. We knew that this was going to be an extremely difficult task to accomplish which is why we scheduled our move over the course of a week. Neither one of us has the physical health to be doing any of this in the first place. By Monday, the moving company is coming to pick up the heavy furniture and we want to have all the small things completely out of here so we only have to pay a minimal amount to them for their services.

Things are coming along with the help of the wonderful friends who have come to our rescue this week. Without them, we would be lost. I hated the fact that my body finally gave out today but with this disease, there is often nothing you can do except recognize the signs and give in to it when it happens. Unfortunately for me, today was that day. I only hope that two days of rest will be enough to put me on my feet and back in the game. We are running out of time to finish this move and I need to help finish the race.

Say some prayers for me all you Lymies out there because you know what this feels like. I am sure that you have been in this position before so you know how frustrating it is when the mind is willing but the body is not able. Throw a few prayers in there for my Mom too because her body is suffering just as much and there is nothing I can do to help her either right now. Thanks!

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