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The dreaded term: Relapse....

I went to see my doctor in Melbourne Beach a few weeks ago and I figured that his testing was not going to give me good news. I was correct in my assumptions. After pushing myself from October through January to pack up my apartment, move to our new place, attend to many personal paperwork issues that were quite serious and finally get settled into our new place, I was feeling pretty run down.

I had hoped that my increased fatigue could be controlled by just heading back to bed for a month, eating better and sticking to a strict diet/medication protocol but it simply wasn’t enough. When I saw the doctor, he did his applied kinesiology testing and everything came back positive for mixed bacteria, babesia bovis, bartonella doshiae, biofilms, mixed parasites, a fibrin (blood clotting) disorder and my spine was a mess. I had one leg shorter than the other, sciatica on the right side due to a twisted pelvis and tremors because my nervous system was still terribly damaged from the Chronic Lyme Disease. What a mess eh?

He did some chiropractic treatments that made my spine, pelvis, sciatica and leg feel significantly better. He gave me more supplements to start working on killing the bacteria that had cropped up again and basically told me it was time to head back to bed for a while. He mentioned that the nervous system was going to take the longest to heal just like anyone who, for example, sustains damage to their spinal cord~ it is the slowest to recover if it even returns to 100% at all. So, I guess that I am stuck tolerating these tremors for a while.

Long story short, I did some serious damage to myself by pushing as hard as I did over the last three months of 2013 but I really had no other choice at the time. There were things that simply had to get accomplished and life doesn’t stop just because I happen to have Chronic Lyme Disease. Now that we are settled into our new place, I will just have to stick to this new protocol of medications, diet and constant bed rest until I can overcome this flare-up of my disease. Even though there are still boxes to unpack, they are just going to have to wait for now.

We are functional in our apartment, the bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen and major areas are set up so we can live comfortably for now. It really doesn’t matter if we still have some boxes in the corners of rooms that need to be taken care of. We will get to them when we are better off physically. Mom took a serious hit physically getting the move accomplished too so she should be resting as well. She is tending to her arthritis issues by seeing a new physician and trying some new medical protocols herself so it is time for both of us to put our health first.

The new place is really nice and I think it was a very good decision that we made to move here. Financially, it has lightened our burdens and when we pull into the complex we can honestly say that we feel like we are “home.” There are some minor issues like a yappy little dog that lives next door and a few hooligan pre-teens that irritate us on a regular basis but those are topics for other blog posts. For now, I just wanted to give you a brief update on the deterioration of my health. I will keep you posted whenever I have the energy to write.

I just wanted to write a brief post to let you know the reason for my absence. It has partly been due to the relapse but mostly due to being glued to the television or computer watching the Olympics non-stop! YAY Team USA!! Way to kick some butt over there!

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