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They offered their lives...

When I think of all the brave soldiers who have died in wars the numbers often rattle me. I can’t fathom hundreds of thousands in a single war. Fathers, husbands, sons, brothers, friends…. Also, women soldiers and nurses died who were mothers, wives, daughters, sisters and friends, some of them carrying children when they lost their lives. The amount of people simply astounds me. I watch the movies they always play during Memorial Day and Veteran’s Day and I can not imagine that there are people walking this earth who have had the courage to face what those people have gone through in their lifetimes and here they stand on the street corner, right next to me like an average person. I think they are amazing!

Not just the atrocities that they have seen and survived, the horror of what humankind has been asked to do to each other but also the environmental elements they have had to endure, the cold, the heat, the lack of basic needs like food, shelter, decent boots or clothing at times in earlier wars, the lack of decent protective gear even in current wars, the terror, the longing for home and the simple need for the feeling of a moment of safety ~ just for one moment in their day, a single moment of personal safety. Most people will never know that depth of fear.

Memorial Day is a time to reflect upon those who gave their lives while serving in our country’s armed services. They are all heroes in my eyes, the ones who lived and the ones who died. Today we celebrate the lives of the ones who never came home. Below are some photos of the existing memorials we have in Washington, DC for those who served in WWII, Korea and Vietnam. The pictures don’t even justify how glorious they are to see in person so if you ever have the chance to go see them, take your families and honor our soldiers.

There is a round domed memorial (you can the find photo on the internet) located in the same Mall area, located in a bunch of trees called the Ash Woods, which recognizes the servicemen of Washington, DC who served in WWI but there currently does not exist a Nationally recognized memorial for WWI soldiers. There is an organization that is trying to raise the funds and lobby the government right now to get that changed. They have a website at for more information.

Today, we also stop to think of those whom we have lost in the Iraq and Afghanistan Wars. These are the wars of MY generation that took our fathers, husbands, brothers, friends and children. There isn’t a memorial for those lost in these wars yet but time will tell when a National plan comes together to put that in place. There are some small local ones in each town for lost loved ones but when there is a National one built, I hope it is beautiful and right there on the Mall with the others.

So, enjoy the photos and have a nice Memorial Day with your families. We are so very sorry for your loss if you happen to be a Gold Star Family who has lost someone in battle all for the sake of our freedom. Thank you so much for your sacrifice and your loved one’s bravery.

WWII Memorial




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